Links for your Friday


John Herbert's HQ edit is pimp, here are a few of reasons why:

  • Shane Brown does a blunt powerslide to 180 nosegrind. 
  • Reed Evavold looks so ill when he kickflips the hydrant.
  • Jimmy Goodman
  • That Mathias kid is getting really fucking good, huh?

Habitat relaunched their website and they have a clip of Al Davis skating that Lockwood bank to ledge in Brooklyn. Al Davis has an incredible Switch 360 flip. I have to say, this still looks insanely weird, but I am happy they found a home. 

Jim Greco picks his five favorite video parts for Quartersnacks. It's cool to get a bit of insight on where such a unique skateboarder gets his inspiration from. Plus, it is always good to revisit Sean Sheffey's part from Soldier's Story. HE DID A BACKSIDE TAILSLIDE ON A PICNIC TABLE IN 1991. 


Josh Stewart Captures the only time Ricky Oyola has smiled in his entire life. 

Josh Stewart Captures the only time Ricky Oyola has smiled in his entire life. 

Josh Stewart talks with Slam City about his favorite photographs he has taken. He was online dating during his trip to Egypt. 

Jenkem interviews Gino and it rules. Gino gracefully brings some people's expectations of himself down by letting people know that he is past his prime (Gino is 41 years old?), and puts anxious skaters at ease by saying "it doesn't have to be a 10 minute video part, let's have fun and let the best things come out of that". Gino is the coolest. 

The Chocolate Epicly Later'd series came to an end yesterday. It would be so sick if Pops just never spoke publicly again and let us remember him as one of the most interesting dudes around from 2000-2007 and not the dude who stopped getting checks and couldn't possibly continue skating. I love the insanely obvious narrative directly following Pappalardo's sob story:

MJ: Everyone has one who was let go from Chocolate, they all have this one certain thing in common.

Paulo: I stopped skating, I was on drugs.

Paulo Diaz, keeping it real.

Paulo Diaz, keeping it real.

Thank you for keeping it real Paulo. This was a great series of episodes.

Have a good weekend guys! Shred where you can.


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