Buzz from Home Alone, diabetic nurses who kill it, and ass G pens

Matt Nordness, BS Noseblunt. Photo: Bradford Bishop. 

Matt Nordness, BS Noseblunt. Photo: Bradford Bishop. 

Milwaukee underground ripper Matt Nordness has a new interview on Theories of Atlantis. He talks about being a diabetic skateboarder, being a Nurse, and not wanting to leave Wisconsin. He is seriously good. 

Transworld interviews Erik Bragg about making the new Plan B video. He talks about the no PJ part. It's cool he thinks people are stoked on the video. 

Pat Duffy is, no offense, super depressing. 


Smoking G-pens outta ass. 

Smoking G-pens outta ass. 

Jenkem talks to Keelan Daad about a text he obviously sent and other weird shit. He is a lovable kook. 

And the final Jenkem link of the week, an interview with a true New York skateboarding hero. Jenkem has been on fire. 

Quarter Snacks has a new SOTD(ecade) edit. Lucas is that Busenitz-no-need-to-even-list-him-in-your-favorites type of skater, it goes without saying. 

We have a new SOTY edit, in case you missed it yesterday. 

And finally, the SOTD(ay) is Bobby De Keyzer. He has a new DC Part he shares with Buzz. Bobby's tech ledge moves shine like nothing else. I am stoked to see more about the dude after I was floored by this part. 

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