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City Series: Portland



City Series: Portland

Joe Wallig

Portland's Joe Wallig is a native Oregonian and is quite skilled on a skateboard. We asked him to recommend some videos that represent the past and present of skateboarding in Portland. - VP 

Portland videos can be heavy on skatepark footage (especially from Burnside) in general. I hate that shit, so I tried to find some more street oriented videos.


Jayme Fortune was always a ripper, check out this switch frontside flip from deep in the cargo pants era as proof.  Photoplay , 2000.

Jayme Fortune was always a ripper, check out this switch frontside flip from deep in the cargo pants era as proof. Photoplay, 2000.

My first pick is an oldie called Photoplay, which came out in 2000.  Matt Beach, Jayme Fortune, Ethan Fowler and Brad Staba all have parts, but there are also a lot of local Portland guys like Mike Chin and Andy Westhusing that most skaters outside of Portland have never heard of. I was 16 when this one came out so it represents a pretty rad time in skating for me, complete with big pants and portable benches. Random fun fact: Andy Westhusing was an A-Team challenge winner, his winning trick is in this video (Nose manual nollie 360 flip).

Game On

Video number two is a random part from Craig McKendry in a video called Game On. From what i know this video only ever came out via Youtube back in 2006. Craig is a rad dude and a super mutant ripper from South Africa. Dude also really loves porno, which I'm backing.

Somewhere in Time

There aren't a lot of famous skaters in Portland outside of a few tranny dudes. I'm not counting Sebo Walker or Tyler Bledsoe either – like myself, those dudes are actually from Salem. So for my final selection I left the pros alone and went with a real "homie" pick, Somewhere in Time by Matt Shoebottom. Matt is the raddest filmer in Portland and this is is his most recent full-length project. Dude is a cig-smoking, Rockstar-drinking, VX-fliming machine. Check out Chris McFarland's part for an especially good part from this video. Misled Meniscus coming soon...