Just Some Really Good Flatground from CJ Tambornino

Recently our friend CJ Tambornino contacted me asking if I would film him doing some flatground tricks at Familia HQ. I wasn't sure exactly why, but I had a feeling it had something to do with Battle at the Berrics. We often refer to CJ's level of skating as 'Berrics level' (that's to say he's really, really good), and given his recent ripping spree I knew that people were starting to take notice.

Once at the park I spent about a half hour dodging kids, trying to keep up with CJ and keep the camera positioned. The problem was, he would literally forget what he was trying to film and just do freaky move after freaky move. He'd switch stances whenever he felt like it, and the entire time I wasn't really sure what I was watching go down.

At one point he filmed a line with nollie backside heelflip followed by a switch backside double flip. He was kind of out of ideas after that, so I told him to do the opposite,  a nollie frontside heelflip followed by a switch double frontside flip. He told me he wasn't able to do switch double frontside flips on flat, to which I just responded "You have to, it will be too sick. Just flick really hard!". Three tries later he landed one.

CJ's flatground abilities are truly mind bending. I later learned that the footage from that session was being sent to The Berrics for CJ's BATB intro video. They only used a small portion of what we sent them and since the  two minutes of flatground we filmed together were so unreal I felt the entire thing had to be shared. Hope you enjoy. 

Kill it this weekend doggy, and we've got your back no matter what.

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