Varial flips, Pizza, and Never Friends

Pizza Ross dropped a new part this week. Is the intro longer than the skating? Maybe. Either way it's really sick. Good Job Dana!

Static DVDs are out.  Thrasher also put a few parts out

Jack Lunt jumps out of trees and skates other spots you have seen in ways you have not.

Tony Karr has a sick new part

The new Front Plaza looks sick! I don't think it is 'open' yet, but dudes are shredding it anyways. Fuck parents!

True Pimps of summer, Sandbox rips. 

While this video is generally just kind of uncomfortable, Torey Pudwill is fucking hilarious and kind of a T-boy.


Yeah, but he's our friend. 

Yeah, but he's our friend. 

I picked up the new Thrasher up yesterday and read Torey's interview. There are obviously some really heavy moves going down in it, but there is a section of the interview talking about Torey wanting to use a song by The Beatles for his upcoming Plan B video part, and being prepared to spend $100K out of his own pocket for it. "I've put a lot of time and passion into this part. For me, it's a big accomplishment. So I just wanted the whole vibe and the feeling to be how I want." The song ended up being $250K, so it won't be used, but I thought that was pretty rad. 

Our main dude Aaron Christensen went in for surgery on his ACL and MCL this morning, good luck buddy!

Stoke of the week

This post linked 2 parts which contained very sick varial flips, BTW. Also, watch your profamity.


Spencer Gillespie