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Eli Raad, Gnarly Plaza Ollies and Interesting Hubba Sessions

Spencer Gillespie

Eli Reed, fully going for it. We love what this guy is all about.

Eli Reed, fully going for it. We love what this guy is all about.

Eli Reed's Organika part is really incredible. Not only is he innovating wild gear most people would be scared to leave the house in, he is doing the same with tricks. Whether it's a nollie footplant finger flip, or looking legitimately like a construction worker, the dude is fucking crushing it and I am so hyped Kayo got yet another heavy East Coast shredder.

While on the subject of Boston, these Dana Ericson clips are bonkers.

The LA courthouse is now a skate plaza thanks to Nike, and Luan Oliveira, who looks particularly pervy with a mustache, does ollies I would have never thought possible. There is a sick new Death Video throw away which also features an insane ollie at a legal skateboarding area. Oskar Barrett gives us another look at the new Front Plaza in this clip. Looks like so much fun.

Stevie Williams and Rick McCrank once sessioned a double kinked hubba together

Thrasher is posting a Jordan Sanchez part later today that will without a doubt be funny and super sick.

Kirian Stone is in CA as of this week. To film for a Familia video? Time will tell.