Jan, Familia HQ, the best Davis part ever, gingers ripping and more

Brogazelle week comes to an end with Jan Jacobson's part. From the looks of instagram he is out there working hard on a new video part. Who is it for? Does Jan have a full part in Debri2? Is that his scream or powerslides in the promo? Is Familia making a video? Fuck I hate waiting.

Looks like Familia HQ is making some changes... Psyched to see what they come up with. Please don't change the bank to wall, ever. 

Chris Nieratko has a great Seventeen Things You Didn't Know About The Static Skate Videos article which came out on Vice this week. Bobby Puleo does not like people playing with his footage. I also really liked that he credits Jamie Thomas from Welcome to Hell with creating the "East Coast Line". That part really has a very raw East Coast vibe to it, although the one foot 5050 while wearing a headband doesn't seem that East Coast and it certainly doesn't seem raw.

This is unexplainable. Went pro and starts just completely shutting down spots.

Mike at Platinumseagulls.com has a new Davis fave?

Mike at Platinumseagulls.com has a new Davis fave?

So does THE HESH?

So does THE HESH?

Platinum Seagulls and THE HESH both agree with us here at VP, this might be Davis' best work since Boondoggle

Mood NYC has a new part from Tyson Reynolds. He has one of those hardflips that's so fast and precise it looks like a well oiled killing machine or something. 

Even though he turned 65 last week, Gabe Tennan is still making sick montages. His recent effort, 'Summer Is Way Chill', is no exception.

TJ Moran's part from The Joy of Skating is now online and its very worth a watch, and the full video is worth a buy. He may be king of the Covered 5  at this point, as far as going up is concerned.

In other Ginger Snaps news, "Gabe Morford Brings you five sequences of Real Riders", one of those riders being Jack Olson

Gabe Broderick took sometime off of making T.H.I.S. video to make a new Spooky Black video. The new mixtape is really pimp you guys.

And lastly, leave it to the shredders(!?) at Microsoft to give us a creative take on pool skating.



Spencer Gillespie