GET BORN, a Dangerously Canadian Remix, and Track Suits

" Vid soon. real soon." -  @nesserfamilia

"Vid soon. real soon." - @nesserfamilia

According to Steve Nesser's Instagram, we have a Send Help video coming at us. We've heard rumors that this is going to be a Jackson Casey project. Our fingers are crossed that it is, but regardless of it's maker they have a very fun and exciting team, so the video is going to rule no matter what. 

Please let us introduce our remix of the dangerously Canadian TJ Rogers' new part.*

"Nothing could prepare us for the trick you're about to see", The Berrics keeps it light hearted.

If you make the advertisement dope enough, I will want the track suit. The adidas Originals x Palace Skateboards colab is so good. 

Shawn Powers take a really harsh slam, not wearing a track suit despite riding for Palace.

Anthony Hart and Benji Meyer killed it with this little spot about jogging and skating featuring a shoe made for jogging and skating. I guess Ahart just likes skating non traditional skate shoes.

TJ Moran's flat ground game is fucked.

Adam Abada's new Summer Montage is very pimp. There is footage from our very own Mike Burrill's birthday session in it. 


"Manhattan Days", the Polar X Converse clip is pretty awesome. The wallie to Chinatown rail moves done by Aaron Herrington (whos  Static lV part is now online**) are really incredible. You may not have guessed this because it is a Pontus Alv project, but there are some wallies in it. 

I hope that Mike Mo's recent injury isn't a career ender. Listen to him talk about it here.

Shaun Baptista's stylish lines and the surf rock in his new part for Atlas go together like apples and caramel.


Lastly, we would like to wish the pimp Kirian Stone a speedy recovery. Kirian took a serious pitch last week and is now slingged up (see above). 


*No disrespect meant to TJ Rogers, that part was bonkers, we just thought the twang guitar edited with his bungee was amazingly corny. 

**So what's up Josh, could we maybe repost our Steve Brandi Edit?

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