Grady the God, Front Shoves and Jocks

adidas continues to be skateboarding's premiere online content provider with their new Mark Gonzales video. He discusses why he loves Manhattan, his weight and shreds with Kevin Lowry. In classic Gonz fashion, it looks like a lot of fun.

A behind the scenes look at how Clark Hassler flew in one of the best videos ever

Chris Colbourn does some really wild moves in this Berrics clip

In Twin Cities news, here are new montages from Sam Levy and Oskar Barrett , both are pimp. Jack Dawkins is no longer the shortest ripper in town.

Grady Moquin is one of the most exciting dudes coming out of Minnesota right now, and his most recent part from The Joy of Skating is now online. 

This clip from Quartersnacks contains some of the most pimp frontside shove-its ever. I had heard rumors about the one done at Washington Square park, but decided to not believe it till I saw it. Holy shit. 

Jenkem posted an ode to Arto Saari and an essay about skateboarders and jocks this week. If you had any doubts regarding the existence of jocks in skateboarding, check out this Nyjah quote

This is crazy, however we are still not okay with calling them 'laser flips'. Can we work on a new name for these? Yoshi Tanenbaum won NYC's DAMN AM, btw


Zac Coyne boosts a frontside tailslide above the the ledge that usually gets skated.  Nooks And Crannies , 2014.

Zac Coyne boosts a frontside tailslide above the the ledge that usually gets skated. Nooks And Crannies, 2014.

A dude does an unexplainable tail slide at Columbus Circle in this rad part

Lastly, our homie Jack Lunt posted some heavy maneuvers on instagram. Dalton Jones is actually a freak. 

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