Pimps VS shrimps, Familia montage, not spots, and more.

Tim Fulton released the 2014 Familia New Years montage this week, and the only thing to be said about it is that those guys are seriously badass pimps. 

The 2014 Platty's are up, and like every year, it is an entertaining read. 

Expedition's new full length video Gone Fishing came out last week. Here is our quick review: Tom Remillard: tranny pimp, Ryan Gallant: Boston ass pimp, Dick Angelides: lanky pimp, Kenny Hoyle: baggy pimp, Joey Pepper: truest pimp, the fucking Brunner twins: literal shrimps, Spencer Hamilton: this pimp is Canadian? (dude could almost be Anti-Hero's answer to a tech skater), Matt Miller: springy pimp, Zered Basset: unfuckwithable pimp, Frankie Heck: get this pimp some fucking music supervision!, Dylan Witkin: automatic pimp status


Sammy Winter, HUF 2014. Source:  Gnartifact.

Sammy Winter, HUF 2014. Source: Gnartifact.

Sammy Winter landed a much deserved spot on HUF.

"Travis Wood (Class of 2015), Vice-President of the Skate-U-Mah student group and member of Phi Sigma Kappa, is studying broadcast journalism and will graduate in May." This Travis Wood edit, shredding a bunch of not spots in the U of M, is pretty awesome. 

Skateboardings very own Buzzfeed has some good end of the year lists coming out.

We stumbled across this Rob Sissi gem while writing our Ty Dickey post. Larry Clark could be making KIDS 2 with Bill Strobeck as the art director and they wouldn't be able to achieve this.


Alright so it is 2015, lets chill with the vaporwave soundtracks and VX vids fam, dead ass.

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