Mid-Westgate, Jordan Ts, Larry David's shoes and more.

Zach Moore demonstrates blindside precision.  All City Showdown NYC , 2014

Zach Moore demonstrates blindside precision. All City Showdown NYC, 2014

A condensed version of All City Showdown: New York, (shout out to your boy Spaghetti and Peteballs for editing it) came out this week via the Thrasher. The criminally underrated Zach Moore, AKA Mid-Westgate, has some great footage. "Team JP Blair" (consisting of Josh Wilson, Kevin Tierney, and Chachi) took first place. Kevin Tierney legitimately fucks a few spots up. It's a rad watch, good job Pete!

5Boro has an excellent new montage. 

Ok, we get it New Balance, you have a new drone. In all honesty, they use their drone really well in the UK trip video posted above. Jordan Taylor is such a rad little brick of a dude, it is always a treat seeing footage from him. Speaking of Jordans, Jordan Trahan is a total animal. This video is full of beautiful footage of spots you don't see too often being ripped by New Balance's awesome crew of dudes.

New Balance also gave a sneak peek of PJ Ladd's new Pro Model last week at Agenda (obviously Larry David inspired).


Jordan Trahan, Kickflip. Photo:  Eric Palozzolo

Jordan Trahan, Kickflip. Photo: Eric Palozzolo

Speaking of Mr. Trahan, see the above kickflip, awesome Al Davis footage and so much more in GX1000: 2014 Mastertape. 

Chris Colbourn has a pretty serious move on "the Static spot" in this new Element clip. I can't believe that McClung kid has footage leftover after his Plan B part.


Cory Kennedy is just actually the best

Ever wondered what the horniest film maker in skateboarding eats? Zach Baker gives us a rundown of what Johnny Wilson eats in a week. 

Adam Abada dropped a pimp cell montage. 

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