The Haslam Circus (we are stoked) , Spooky Bank Rides, and Skateboarding's Weird History

A week from tonight, you know what to do. These dudes have worked long and hard and seeing the fruits of their labor is on the horizon. We are so stoked to see it. 

Full disclosure: we get pretty excited when we hear Chris Haslam has a new part. There might be more tricks in this part we couldn't name than tricks we could. 


Photo: The Berrics

Photo: The Berrics

David Reyes has a video part on The Berrics in which he frontside feeble grinds that massive rail on West River Road in Minneapolis. So, let's think about this: Cairo Foster backside 50-50'd it and Sean Malto frontside crooked grinded it. Does this mean that Sam Evensen is the only Minnesotan to film a trick on that rail? 

Julian Davidson's part for Etnies features wild moves and distracting motion graphics. Are you guys sure you were finished working on those animations?


Julian Mejia, Cab Flip to spooky bank ride and drop.  NO-COLLAR , 2014

Julian Mejia, Cab Flip to spooky bank ride and drop. NO-COLLAR, 2014

Julian Mejia's NO-COLLAR part was just put online. Man that video is good. 

Jenkem hits us off with a history lesson on skateboarding's "extremely dangerous" origins.

History in the making. This is a grim read. 

Our recent interviewees at Mood Skateboards posted a clip of some street shredding in the highly underrepresented city of Providence, RI.

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