Stuckey No Fuckey, The Whitest Video Part Ever, NYC's Two Biggest SS FS Flips

Vinnie Nanthavonga, BS 5050. Photo: Dan Huseby 

Vinnie Nanthavonga, BS 5050. Photo: Dan Huseby 

3rd Lair Skatepark gets jacked up in a new montage featuring Mitch Guth & friends (see above). This reminds us that the world is ready for Real to put out a Jack Olson video part. Just sayin'.

"I think he smoked too much weed and then turned into Shorty’s Steve Olson, which was a lot more hip-hop and maybe more spiritual? I like the Freaks and Geeks Steve Olson more though." Quartersnacks most recent Five Favorite Parts with Jerry Hsu may be the best one to date.


Johan Stuckey don't give a Johan fuckey and makes skating a curb block gnarly.

Johan Stuckey don't give a Johan fuckey and makes skating a curb block gnarly.

The internet popularity of Johan Stuckey's lipslide, seen above, is sure to increase DVD sales of A-Street Video. Hell, we wanna see it after viewing the montage they just posted with said lip slide

T O R I O T O K O. Japan looks amazing. The almost-tackled-by-security line is so ill!

Harry Lintell gets technical at rough spots. Grey skies and wild teeth, this awesome part is super British.

Our buddy Davis Torgerson gets a Free Lunch. He does totally have stoned eyes.


No one is going to switch frontside flip something bigger in NYC than Erik Ellington. He has a backup, just in case. The Deathwish East Coast Tour Video is live and radical. That bank to ledge in The Bronx looks kinda hard to skate, huh Ride Channel (thanks for pointing that out Pat). 

A great interview with the guy who has the last part in the Vans video (it has gotta be AVE, right?).

A dude named Jaws skating exclusively off of roofs in Arizona. Is this the whitest video part of all time?

Interesting stuff happening at the Girl camp. 

Minnesota - you have two video premiers to make it to this weekend, don't blow it. 

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