Beebs kinda grabs his boy, The Baker Video and stickers

Last weekend, Zach Baker premiered The Baker Video at a warehouse in Long Island City and you can see a recap of the night here. This week, he released the full video via Monster Children. The video evokes a nostalgic feeling of skating with your best friends, staying up late on school nights, eating pizza and having the most fun. The credits are done by tattoo, Abada gave blood for the video, Gabe Tennen skates to Hall & Oats (a truly perfect match) and Tim Penman gets a much deserved ender. Good job, boys. You can also check out the video extras.


Dear Jimmy Goodman, please film another video part. Love, skateboarding. 

Dear Jimmy Goodman, please film another video part. Love, skateboarding. 

Guth is the truth! Another rad montage from Mitch Guth, featuring all your boys, but goddamn Jimmy Goodman is a boss hog. 

If you're in Minnesota the weekend of the 20th, your weekend is booked. DEBRI2 will be premiering at 7 P.M. on February 20th at the Bell Museum in Minneapolis Minnesota. The following night, head over to Familia HQ for Kyle Baca's new video UKNOW. Watch the trailer here

Nate Keegan has solid lines at the S.F. Library for Bolts

Chris Joslin is all over the internet these days. I don't know exactly what the deal is, he won Years Best Am and has a part or parts coming out this week? I kinda lost interest when I saw an ad for his Plan B part which played before his Plan B part, the same song for both, on The Berrics two days ago. Say what you want though, little man is scary good. 

PSA: Beebs, half heartedly grabbing your dick doesn't make you look cool, you just gotta go for it.

Lastly, if you requested stickers from us via Instagram or email, they'll be in the mail this weekend.

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