Dime contest, #WYLIEPART, table talk

#WYLIEPART, or as Pete Spooner is calling it 'I'm gonna criticize the shit out of his part'.

Kingpin put together a list of some of the coolest moves done on picnic tables. It must have been hard deciding on Alex Olson or Jason Dill. Dill is flying, but that's not really off of flat. Alex is doing just a good ole Ollie. Good work boys, you started a discussion. 

God damn that Dime contest was cool. You can check out some of our photos from it on Instagram.

Nick Pezzillo for Traffic. In true Traffic (Oyola) fashion, it is full of crusty East Coast spots you have not seen and it rules.

Nick Boserio, Hjalte Halberg, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Antonio Durao, Bobby Worrest and Johnny Wilson. Squad hard as nails.  

The best part about Florida? Brad Cromer.

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