Alex Uncapher in NYC

Our friend Alex Uncapher came out to New York from Minneapolis with some friends to skate and have fun, and he took some photos while he was here. Here are some of our favorites along with captions from Alex:


This was my pretty much my crew for the whole trip – Kirian Stone, Ben Narloch and Dana Ross. We all came out from Minneapolis together, and although we skated with a lot of different people during the trip, three of us were together a ton.  


This spot (Woodhull Medical Center) was crazy. It was pretty obvious that we were right in the middle of everything – tons of cars and people around the spot. We had to crawl under hole in the fence just to get up to the bank, so I'm glad we got this little booster photo before security came out a couple minutes later. 


Pat Gallaher came with us to this spot, and just started trying switch noseblunts, which is insane. I didn't know what to think, I was just like "Uhhh...", but pretty soon he started getting them, so I pulled out my camera and got this shot. 


This is a shot of Dana Ross. He really pushed for the trip, he's the reason we all came out from Minnesota. If you know Dana, you know that he's the guy who'll always be hyping you up to land tricks and check out spots, even when it's been a long day or when you're over it.


Ben was battling this noseblunt for a while, but I knew he had it. The sun was going down and a big group of us were just chilling on some benches, alternating between watching him go for this and looking at the crazy sunset. 


I took this just as we were ending a session. We'd skated forever that day and I was just trying to catch a good view of the guys, I was hyped I got Ben's Familia shirt in there. 


We rolled by and I didn't even think of this as a spot, so I'm glad Ben saw it and went for a tail drop. I got set up, he did it, and we were out of there.


This was just us pushing around,  cruising to some bars, like you do in New York.


Kirian mentioned that he thought he could ollie one of these giant barriers, and then he just did it. It was rad how casual he was about it. He did it a few more times, just to get a good one, and the whole time it barely seemed like he was trying. 



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