Great Moments in Canadian Skateboarding with The Bunt

Our favorite of the recent crop of skate podcasts is The Bunt, a show from Toronto that has yet to deliver an episode that didn't make us laugh out loud. After our recent trip to Canada for The Great Canadian Skate Moment of 2016 and several discussions about important Canadian skate films, we asked the hosts of The Bunt, Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones, for some of their favorite moments in Canada's skateboarding history.

Cephas' Picks:

1. Morgan Smith winning battle at the Berrics on Canada Day - 2011:

As Morgan made his way from round to round it felt like the whole country was rallied together watching him make his way to the finals. I feel like Battle at the Berrics was more relevant at the time too, everyone was watching, not just Berrics kids. When he finally got to the finals and played his childhood idol PJ Ladd, you knew shit was going to pop off. Morgan blacked out and when he came to, he had won, SKATE to nothing. I was so hyped for him.

Also, he took me out for dinner with that 10k when he got home too, major key alert.


2. Dime's Turd Season premiere - 2012:

Whenever Dime has an event, if you’re smart you make sure you’re there. The video premieres are insane and even though I blacked out, the next day I had no regrets. Shit’s always a blast.


3. Dave Lapchuck and Grant Patterson's shared part in Environment - 2004:

One of the Canadian video parts I’ve watched the most over the years. They're a couple of the legends I looked up to growing up, and they came together for an insane video part with some epic clips that still hold strong today. 


4. Indoor footage from the winter

It’s not a specific moment but I love the dedication Canadian skaters have in the winter. Going skating indoors when the bust factor is super real is something a lot of us have no choice but to do when winter comes. Indoor footy isn’t specific to Canada, but we sure do put out a lot of it. Zander Mitchell just put out a full indoor part this past winter.


5. The last Slam City Jam - 2006:

The last Slam City Jam contest was in Calgary 10 years ago, I qualified through the DC nationals and flew out there. While I was there I made a bunch of friends that are still some of my best friends to this day. I miss the big contests that used to bring everyone together from across the country. That was my first time legally drinking at age 18, the whole weekend was a blast and a good cap off for those epic Slam City contests.


Donovan's Picks:

1. Rick McCrank's intro in Menikmati - 2002:

I just remember watching the video for the first time during the middle of winter. Seeing him on the snowmobile and skating ramps on the mountain was just so Canadian.


2. Wade Desarmo wearing his Jason Kidd jeans in It’s Official - 2006:

Probably my favourite clip ever. Our whole crew was in that Dipset, G-Unit phase and when I saw those jeans in the video I was like "God damn, my boy's taking it to the next level!".


3.The RDS video FSU - 2002:

That video was insane, the intro gets your juices flowing and Ryan Smith’s part was one of my favorites as a kid.


4. The Dime Glory Challenge 2016:

If you weren’t there, its impossible to explain the atmosphere. Between the game of SKATE with Wade and Jamal, and the ovation Sluggo got on the roll in before the foam pit, that place was electric. There were so many good people there, plus the free Heinekens made it the best contest in skate history for sure.


5. The Bunt Covering the Olympics - 2020:

This hasn’t happened yet, but when we board that plane to Tokyo in 2020, it’s going to be a wild ride.


Thanks to Cephas and Donovan, and be sure to check out The Bunt – you won't be disappointed. 

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