Chill Guide: Jack Olson & Friends in NYC


Having skate friends come to visit usually goes like this: the out-of-towners want to go someplace, the local skaters say something like 'Oh, we never actually skate there." The out-of-towners suggest another location, to which the local skaters reply "That spot sucks. Everything's been done there." This back and forth continues until the entire group ends up skating flatground or going to get fried chicken / pizza / whatever the regional specialty food may be.

However, we've learned that sometimes you need to shut up and let the out-of-towners lead the way. A few weeks ago, Jack Olson and some buddies came to town and brought us to a host of places we never skate, reminding us that sometimes*, the spots we avoid are the spots we can have the most fun at.

Video by Travis Wood

Featuring Jack Olson, Jack Lunt, Andrew Leibman and Tyler Thomas

*Sometimes as in like, once a year.

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