Next Video

With the barrage of new videos that have come out in the past month (917, Lotties, the Primitive Tour vid ), there’s one more video we’d like to bring to your attention – one that may have slid under your radar. Next Video by Andrew Kennelly AKA Dudesarecool5 premiered last week in Brooklyn and features a solid mix of local NYC skaters, the kind you can only get in an independent video, one that’s free from the confines of a common sponsor or team. This video also contains a choice musical selection, and includes, among other jammers, a very special Cam’ron song. Additionally, we’d be remiss not to mention our gravitation toward this video because of its multiple clips at a certain culturally significant spot.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the vid:


The video’s creator crooked grinding the absolute least amount of rail possible.

No idea what to call this, but it looks sick in slow motion.


Major shout out to Andrew Kennelly for riding on on top of the rail at South Street Seaport and frontside flipping off.


Corey Quinn has moves. Now the world knows.


You likely saw the the star manny move of this video on our Instagram, but check out Dan King’s feat of manual strength from the same section.

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