Skating in Non-Skate Shoes Pt. 2

Stevie Williams  - Filas

Seeing this line from Stevie's part in FTC's 1997 video Tantrum makes DGK's recent collaboration with the sportswear brand make a lot of sense. However the pair seen on Stevie's feet in this clip much more resemble the DGK x Reebok shoe from a few years back


Spike Jonze - Dress Shoes

The choice of footwear in this situation seen in the credits of 2003's Yeah Right! is worth noting, but not nearly as impressive as Spike Jonze doing a nollie heelflip. 


Connor Kammerer - Onitsuka Tigers

As Ripped Laces pointed out, Connor Kammerer is the king of skating the unskatable. That being said, if someone makes a well-fitting suede cupsole, that shoe is probably skates just as well (if not better than) most skate-specific shoes on the market.


Drake Jones - Nike Hiking Boots 

Long thought to be a pair of Timberlands, Drake clarified that the footwear featured in this non-skate shoe classic was actually a Nike hiking boot in an interview with The Chrome Ball Incident.


Ryan Hansen - Running Shoes

We're not sure what he's got on his feet, but this gap is huge and we'd be remiss if we didn't feature this legendary trick from the legendary Minneapolis video Midopoly


Gino Ianucci - Non-skate Nikes

In the early to mid-ninties, when skating went through its dark ages skaters were ripping in whatever they could get their feet into. This example of Gino skating some Nikes that probably came from Marshall's is a reminder of both how much things have changed and how much they've stayed the same.


Richard Angelides - Adidas Pro Models
Untold numbers of skaters have ripped it in shell toes, but Richard has become the unofficial poster boy for them. He managed to skate them even during the years when Adidas was without a skate program. They honored his dedication to the shoe late last year with a pro colorway.


Spencer Fujimoto - Puma Clyde

The Puma Clyde is another shoe we've seen a lot of skating been done in. Given Spencer's skating prowess at such a young age, he probably could have filmed this part in steel toed boots if he had to.

Tom Penny - Columbia Hiking Boots

Leave it to Tom Penny to completely rip in the weirdest shoes on this list, also long thought to be Timberlands. Apparently he became quite used to them, and even asked for his pro model shoe to be modeled after them.


Kyle James - Timberland boots

Let us not forget that someone actually did film tricks in Timberlands, as is pointed out in Ian Reid's video.  When are the banks supposed to be skateable again? Honorable mention: Brian Wenning

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