The Business Crew's Christmas Bonus, premiers, and more.

Kevin Horn's new film CHAPTER XIII is premier this Saturday at Fulton Brewing Company in Minneapolis. This looks like a lot of fun. 

More from Kevin Horn: TJ Moran and Jan Jacobson (AKA #businesscrew) crunched the numbers and decided that these clips did not fit in 2016's business plan. BTW Fakie Heelflip front board is absolutely fucked. 

The new Alltimers video is a pimp view. Shout out the Crucial Taunt board in their new line. 


Zach Moore's video Transplants is premier this Sunday at Familia HQ. Minnesota - go check out some of the finest skating NYC has to offer.

It is moments like this, when Star Wars comes out and in the same day a few shitty people get caught up and you are like 'Damn, life is pimp'.

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