Bobby's World

Bobby Worrest, owner of possibly both the best switch 360 flip and best backside noseblunt in skateboarding, has had one hell of a 2014. He has delivered 3 instantly classic parts during the year, producing more video content in 2014 than many pros do in an entire career.

We're big fans of Bobby's work ethic and resulting products, so much so that we made our own edit of Bobby's best from 2014. Enjoy:

A little background:

 In March Thrasher put out Hometown Turf Killer, filmed exclusively at Pulaski Plaza in Bobby' hometown of Washington D.C.  With his long lines of technical ledge tricks spanning the entire plaza, filmed with a VX in the middle of a large metropolis, the part has the spirit of a time when 'plaza' didn't mean 'cement skate facility'. In fact, this interview with him about the part, 90's plaza deities Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis are credited as direct inspiration for the part. It was only March, but the best video part of the year had already come out. 

Not long after, talk of an all handrail Bobby part rumored to be called Cold Worrest began to circulate as he was spotted putting in work. Cold Worrest  turned out to be another full length part from Thrasher, Luxury and Loudness. All HD, all LA, and heavy on the handrails, this part showed a completely different side of Bobby from the Pulaski-cenrtic part that dropped just a few months before. And it was awesome.

Then, in late August, as if it were a farewell gift from Summer itself, Quartersnacks released yet another beast of a part from Mr. Worrest, filmed entirely in New York City. A true East Coast part (you know, street skating in the actual street) it was full of crusty spots, a few jaw-droppingly high grinds, and was proof that Bobby was truly on fire.

Is Bobby Worrest SOTY 2014 material? One of our favorite blogs seems to think so, and while we do agree, deep pocket sponsors and a strong DLX connection have not been enough to score the trophy in the past. Here's to hoping.

For more classic Bobby parts, check the following: Krooked Kronicles, Get Familiar, Gnar Gnar, Right Foot Forward, Bobby Worrest vs. The Edgar, Stop Fakin' 2.