Don't Call his Debris Part a Comeback - The Lost Jan Part

As gnarly as it gets. Jan does a pop shove-it at Minneapolis's One Financial, as seen in  Debris , 2012. Photo:  Dan Huseby

As gnarly as it gets. Jan does a pop shove-it at Minneapolis's One Financial, as seen in Debris, 2012. Photo: Dan Huseby

In 2006, Jan Jacobson had the closing part in Phil Schwartz and Pete Spooner's first feature-length video, WHOWHAT!?. Although WHOWHAT!?  was an early effort from it's filmers and skaters alike, it clearly showed heaps of potential from both. 

The following year, Jan had the opening part in Cal Surf's Midwest Marauders video. In the small amount of time since WHOWHAT?!, the progression of Jan's skating was clearly visible, and an even sicker part seemed to be on the horizon for Jan.  

Alas, the next 5 years went by without another Jan part. He would pop up in the 'Friends' sections of local videos and sporadically in web clips, but did not produce a full part in any of the Twin Cities videos during that time. This is especially notable as this was an era when the creators of WHOWHAT?! were on a quite a roll (Boondoggle, Flow Trash).

Then 2012 came along, and Debris was released. Not only did he have a full part but his skating did not miss a beat. I thought that this was an amazing "come back" part. Turns out I was wrong, he had been skating and filming that 5 years in between, but for whatever reason, the footage never found a home. We decided to edit it and post it on the site cause Jan is fucking sick and who doesnt want to see more footage of the second Twin Cities local to be known as 'Viking'*. We have our fingers crossed he has a full part in Debri2! 

Special Thanks to Pete Spooner, Philip Schwartz and Neil Buben for filming.

*We at Village Psychic would like to acknowledge that Neil Erickson is the original viking.