P-Rod and Mike Taylor - Transworld In Bloom Remix

It's weird to think of Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor as anything but established names in skateboarding. Paul is on his 10th year as Nike SB's flagship skater, Mikey is a constant on The Berrics, and both are household names (in houses that have kids who skate).

This was not always the case. Back in 2002 they were the new kids, representative of a new generation of skater that was just as comfortable doing switch tricks on ledges as they were skating burly handrails. Not only were they killing everything in their path, but they did it with so much style that they were impossible to ignore. Transworld's In Bloom served as a showcase for their emergent talent and showed the world how much they'd grown in the year since Street Cinema.

One look at the footage and even the most novice apprentice of skating can tell that it is not new. There are many fitted baseball caps worn, P-Rod does a single pop shove-it as a trick in a line (!?!?!?!), and Mikey is seen skating éS Koston 3's. The vintage of this footage is apparent.

That being said, these are two of our favorite parts ever. They mark the beginning of the bar being raised on the quality of skateboarding one needed to do in order to maintain relevance, and it shows how refreshing it can be to have skateboarding reinterpreted through the eyes of a younger generation. We watched these parts so much that we knew we had to do something with it, so here it is remixed for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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