Pat G skates El Toro, unspeakable things happen to Clipper and more.


San Francisco's legendary Clipper ledge is soon to be demolished to make way for a handicap-accessible elevator, so Thrasher threw a contest at the spot. Ungodly skateboarding ensued. Did Figgy just bring back the Baker-maker?

Most of the tricks done down the LOVE Park gap. That gap belongs to Ishod, huh?

Mood NYC came out with a sick short video. 

Mother needs a non former Alien rider on its team to really give it a full identity of it's own. Alex Conn could be the perfect fit. Did you see this part? Fuck. 

Pat Gallaher skated El Toro. Get 'em.

Materiel doing big things. 

Lastly, super sick read with 3 skater owned distribution companies via

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