Kicked Out of Everywhere

For those of us who skated during the VHS era, there are the videos you grew up with that pretty much every one of your peers has seen. Skaters of a certain age are prone to having long, opinionated discussions about Photosynthesis, just like skaters a few years older can still remember where they were when they first saw Questionable, and those a little older still can all recite lines from The Search For Animal Chin. These are the videos you and your friends watched constantly, and so did every other skater and their friends.

Then there are the videos that made an impact on you early on that you’re surprised few other skaters your age have seen. I’m not talking about local videos or shop videos (which usually owe their popularity to location and the limited distribution of video pre-YouTube), I’m talking about videos put out by major companies that somehow missed popular exposure.

Real’s 1999 promo entitled Kicked Out of Everywhere is one of those videos. Yes, it’s a promo, and yes, it was never promoted as heavily as their 2001 follow-up Real to Reel, but after a recent viewing I’m still surprised at both at how good it is and by how few people have seen it.


Keith Hufnagel has an excellent part in this video, and it's especially relevant right now considering the amount of hype around the 90’s and New York City going on in skateboarding right now. He goes all out and does some very uncharacteristic tricks, including a 50-50 on a rail that’d be more expected in the Pig Wood video than in a part heavy with Lower Manhattan footage.


Recent Krooked and Converse guest artist Mat O’Brien does a very 2015 trick in the montage section.


Speaking of NYC, the guy who built half the cool shit to skate in Brooklyn, Pat Smith, once rode for Real and has tricks in this video,


This is the first I’d ever seen of Nate Jones, who instantly became memorable because of this insanely perfect 360 flip.


This was also the first I’d seen of Canadian gnar dogg Keegan Sauder, who yells “Fuck You” for some reason after a massive ollie.


Additionally, this video had some of the first Cairo foster footage released to the masses, a few months before his break out part in Transword’s The Reason. This nollie 360 flip had me wondering who was and how he got name like ‘Cairo’.


The real gem in this video comes in the form of a Mark Gonzales part. This is far and away the biggest reason I’m surprised by this video’s lack of popularity  It contains a full Gonz part that’s really pretty rad. 


Gonz gets tech in this part by frontside bluntsliding a handrail. I’m not sure the number of times I’ve seen someone do a trick with their hood up, remarking that they look like Gonz in Kicked Out of Everywhere, only to be met with blank stares. Here it is, everybody. Now you know why this unfortunately obscure video is worth a watch.

Village Psychic