NYC be sure to attend the release of the second issue of Stoops Magazine tonight. Details above.

The 3rd Lair video has a date. Here is all you need to know about it: Mitch Guth is making it and there are rumors of Gregg Clover having a part. 

MN Shredder is a new blog out of Minnesota about shredding. The author doesn't know who Jamiel Nowparvar is, but knows that people think Rob Sissi only skates the Rainbow Banks. I say 'people think' because I have seen Rob skate both the Familia HQ AND New York City. Though he only skates Lennox Ledges when he is here ;)

The poor Heelflip rarely gets the hate (followed by positive backlash) it deserves. 

Jimmy Goodman footage <3


New Funza montage!

SML Talk with a public service announcement to The Berries generation.

Jonah Hill knows his shit and reps Labor :)

I hope everyone made it out to the 5Boro vid last night, it was incredible, and if you did not, we highly recommend purchasing it. 


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